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Trouble getting "orange" to fade/shimmer in DMX?

christmas chris

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Newbie here, working on my first sequences, and loving it! I decided to add a couple DMX RGB devices, and I am having a little trouble with the color orange. Red, Yellow, Green Blue, and Purple all seem to fade and shimmer fine, but Orange switches to yellow every time I try to get it to fade or shimmer. Haven't tried twinkle on it yet, but I am guessing it's some kind of software mixing problem?

WHat I am doing...

Copying a block of orange I have set in another RGB section, copying and pasting into another blank section.

Selecting fade down 100-0, then highlighting the newly pasted blocks.

And VOILA! Yellow fade down....

I thought it may just be the display, but when I hover the pointer over the block, it shows the same values as in the yellow section I have faded down nearby. Tried the same thing in another area with shimmer down 100-0, and same thing....shimmering yellow down....

Any ideas? Or is this a given with RGB's

Not sure how to screen capture to paste, but I'm sure you pros know what I'm talking about.

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