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Two big boxes from LOR arrived today...

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I just received 8 more controller kits so I know what I'll be doing this weekend. (Two are for a friend of mine but I still have some work to do.)

Don't you love this stuff? It's like Christmas in May! :)

Ooh! Gotta run - I smell a hot soldering iron...

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Let me just quickly mention the best thing I bought this year: one of those illuminated magnifying glasses from Harbor Freight. I saw a link to it on another thread here and boy, is it a life saver. (Well, more like an LOR saver.)

If you are going to assemble any of these then do yourself a favor and get one. :)

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johnny christmas wrote:

how long would it take to assemble a full 16 channel controller? i did the ramsey thing and it works great so i think id be able to do this


I started shortly after I made the first post on this thread and I just finished the first one - which is about 3 hours. Well, almost...

Having built one successfully a month or so ago I wasn't paticularly paying attention to the directions and I, um, installed the 2 jumper pin headers upside down. :)

Fortunately, they are some of the easier components to remove.

Also, I'd like to point out another thing I ALMOST soldered in backwards: The fuse holders. They look so stupid and easy to install but they DO have a left and right side to them. (They are also easy to remove if you do make a bone-headed move like some other people!)
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Sequence Dr. wrote:

LOL, dont worry Chuck, I did the same thing on my first build.


I didn't make the same mistake again. :)

I've got 4 out of 6 running. Attached is a pic of my progress. (There are 5 in the pic but one is the one I built earlier.) I probably won't get to the last two until late Tuesday or Wednesday.

I was able to cut some time of the builds by having my son bolt the triacs to the heat sinks as I was assembling the board. I also put my wife to work assembling the wiring harnesses so they were ready to go by the time I got to that point. (These two tasks take almost as much effort as soldering the boards.)

I wonder if I still need to get my wife a Mother's Day gift?

Ow! I was just kidding Honey!

Attached files 132609=7912-IMG_0390.JPG
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