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Adding New Controllers


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Last year I ventured into the world of LOR with a standard 16 channel controller(CTB16PCG2). I used the sequence editor and all was good.

This year I built a new DC controller (CMB16D-QC). I have so far used the Hardware Utility to test the RGB light strips and so far so good. I was able to turn on and off the lights and also change the color of the strips (exciting stuff :)


How do I assign this new DC controller to my existing standard 16 channel set up? It is as simple as turning the dial on the DC controlller to 02 and do a 'refresh' from the Hardware Utility?

Will this in theory make it a 32 channel system?

How do I change the colors of the RGB strips once I am in the Sequence Editor? I currently have the Basic Edition with SuperStar 2_CCR. Do I need to upgare these?

Appreciate any guidance you can offer up!

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Yep sounds like you have some idea of where you are going. So, turn the knobs to 02 as you described and do the refresh as you mentioned. And yes you have a 32 channel show now. Now I have not done the RGB thing yet myself. But I think there is a way that you can group 3 channels into a (?) single RGB channel and via this one new channel you program your 1 strip to any combo of colors (RGB) to get the new combined color.

Maybe someone else can come in a describe the actual method to do this.

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on your editor

Add 5 RGB channels

right click on each RGB one to set the controller # and starting channel number


Channel 1 = RED on the 1st RGB device

Channel 2 = Green on the 1st RGB device

Channel 3 = Blue on the 1st RGB device

Channel 4 = RED on the 2nd RGB device

Channel 5 = Green on the 2nd RGB device

Channel 6 = Blue on the 2nd RGB device

...and so on...

16th channel will be unused.

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Thanks for the info so far!

I changed the dial and the hardware utility found the 2 units....THANKS!

However I am still not getting any luck in the sequence editor for the RGB lights. The standard controller works fine (I have 1 set of light connected) but the RGB strips are not coming on while in the sequency editor.

I right clicked on the channel name and converted it to a RGB channel but still not getting it to light.

TJ - I like the idea about channel 16, but I can't even get the first 15 channels to work :(

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When you convert the channel to RGB, did you actually assign the properties to the correct unit ID and channel, meaning

Click on the channel label, if it's been converted to RGB, a box will open with the entries with columns for the red, green, and blue colors.. says Type, Unit #, channel.. those have to be set correctly for the light strip to actually light.. think of it as trying to talk to a specific person thats standing in a group. You have to actually address the specific person (unit/channel) to get its attention (to light up).

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I am still doing something wrong :( It appears to have the correct numbers but obviously something is not right...

I converted the first 15 channels to RGB

My Red is in Channel 1

My Green is in Channel 2

My Blue is in Channel 3


When I click on the RED channel above, another popup appears (specific to that channel)


Can you please let me know the exact setting for the first strip? I can follow that sequence for the other 4.

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you only need to set each RGB device once

The 1st picture you posted is correct.... now move onto Unit 02.1 2( the black one)

it will set the Red and Green and Blue controller and channels.

As you can see in the 2nd picture, it has set the Red to be Controller 2 and channel 1

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Yep, Dave's got it.. once you did the "rgb menu", you dont need to set anything wlse.. clicking the single cell and seeing the channel assignment just confirms you already set the unit & channel.. you can begin makin' blinky blinky..

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