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It would be really nice if you could select multiple channels, like a range or something. But even just selecting a full universe and being able to turn a channel full on using the DMX tab, and verifying colors using the Pixel tab. The best part is it takes away any question that the controller is working when you're troubleshooting.


this would be awesome... much like my request for hardware utility upgrade.

It would be awesome to control groups and have them be programmable

For example

I would love to be able to quickly control

Group1 (Univ1 DMX 1 thourgh 108)

Group2 (Univ 1 DMX 109 through 216)

Group3 (Univ 1 DMX 217 through 321)

Group4 (Univ 1 DMX 322 through 351)

Group5 (Univ 1 DMX 352 through 456)

Group 6 (Univ 2 DMX 1 though 78)

Group 7 (Univ 2 DMX 79 though 351)

etc etc etc

Or maybe even build in a macro... where is can do test patterns...

Say have it run 50% intensity with a 100% intensity sweep through the pixels like the San Devices e681 test 4 pattern

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