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Do I need to purchase new software if I am moving my show to a new computer? I have the disk for version 1.6.9 and the upgrade key, but I am having no luck installing it. I am gettig all kinds of error messages.

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You sure it's 1.6.9? Thats reeeeeally old.. How long have you had it? Are you sure it's not 2.6.9 or even 3.6.9? LOR S3 is currently version 3.7.0. Go here to d/l the latest (or any previous) versions. This is the version matrix, shows which level allows what, and the pricing. If you got the disk with the purchase of a controller,, you should be able to d/l that version, up to the last of that series.. S2, S3, etc. What OS is on your computer? What specific errors are you getting? There's the Support page, if you need install key/upgrade answers.. These links are also at the very top of the screen on every Forum page..

As for moving the show to another computer, no, you get 5 installs of the software (can be 5 diff machines).. and if you really need it (trying diff configurations, upgrades, hardware, etc) and exceed the 5 installs, a simple phone call will get them to authorize several more..

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