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Relay on LOR AC controller

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I'm searched the boards and there seems to be two answers to this question. I'm looking for insight from someone who has connected a 120VAC relay to a LOR controller output.

Do I need a snubber (or a C9 acting as a snubber)?


Will the relay itself work without causing damage to the controller?

This post says it is necessary.

But there are many other posts that only mention a relay without a mention of the snubber. I have third gen controllers. My understanding is that they don't need snubbers. Does that apply to the use of a relay also?

Lastly, is the snubber there to protect the controller or is it just there to make sure the the relay functions properly?

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I think the general recommendation is to use a snubber or other small load. That said, I've been using a relay for 10 seasons (to provide a low-voltage sync pulse for some large strobes) with no issues, sans-load/snubber.

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