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A long time ago, my parents made these old tombstones out of plywood, and they've held up decently. This year we wanted to create a whole new set of 8 tombstones, and I was wondering if anyone had any clever ideas for designs or lettering or anything like that. Here are the remaining 5 my parents made:


I was looking to make the new tombstones similar to the old ones, but with orange and purple LEDs strung around the edges. I think we used to have tombstones for Michael Myers, Rosemary's Baby, and a few other iconic horror characters.

Anyway if you have any cool ideas, I would appreciate the input.

Thank you,


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You could always use Coroplast. With a full sheet, (~ 4' x 8', depending on the supplier), you should get 4-8 tombstones, depending on how big you make them. Make a PVC or wooden frame to attach them to for rigidity. Then just take a $7 or $8 soldering iron from wal-mart, HD or lowes and punch holes around the edge, (when it's hot, it's a lot faster), pop in your LEDs and plug 'em in. That would be the way I'd do it, but I'm kind of partial to coro and PVC.

Check with some of the other Halloween Gurus, TJ Hvasta and Orville come to mind right off the top of my head.

Hope this helps,


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LOL.. thanks Ron!! JF, try a couple of these:






Here's 2010 tombstones with purple/orange lights around them.. the colors were on different channels. The 'stones themselves were 3/8" plywood, the lights, purple/orange, were braided, then hotglued to the backs of the 'stones. Best view of the lights is at 2:16, for abt 40sec.. sorry, I totally missed that it was set on auto-focus..

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