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short cut to color selection- Newbie


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I am planning to have a 32 channel display for the first time. I have a question regarding sequencing by color.

I have five colors of light - Red, Green, White, Blue and multicolor.

Is there a command or short cut to fire the channels of a particulat color - for example I want all the channels having red light to come on for five seconds, then all the green ones and then the white etc.

LOR knows the color of each channels so this should be a straightforward thing for LOR. But dont know if the software has a command for this.

Appreciate any help.

Ranjan Abraham

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The easiest thing to do would be to group your channels by color. Once you have defined your channels, you could then create groups, and put all the red in one group, green in another, etc. When you want all Red on, you'd need only turn on the Red group. (Which would be applying the "on" effect to the channels in the Red group.)

As far as a keyboard command to say, "All channels that are Red, turn on now" none such command exists.

(Of course, you could also turn all of the red lights on, copy them, and save them to the "Saved Clipboards" section on the left side of the screen.

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Take a look here. It should give you an idea how to create the groups.

Remember, the channels will need to be next to each other when you create the group, or you will need to drag the channel into the group once you've created it.

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