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well 1st year using lor and several hours later and a few dollars lol i am or think i am ready for this year 2012 but looking forward to already getting ready for 2013 am looking for a drummerboy silo for next year if anyone knows where to get one also what are the poles with the star on topped called. thanks

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From a fellow Kentuckian, welcome to thie insanity called LightORama. Most people refer to the "poles with the star" as Firesticks. Not all are topped with a star, though that does seem to be the most common topper.

I don't have a good drummer boy silouhette, but try this: google "drummer boy", then select "Images". You should see many items you could use as a basis for this. Matter of fact, it appears there's a good one fairly early in the list. You can save this to your computer, enlarge it and print it.

Another option: consider a light-up blowmold decoration. Go to ebay.com and search for "drummer boy blowmold". Not a silouhette, and it takes up a channel (or more) to control it, but it really is neat and is very functional for a lot of Christmas tunes.

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