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Nutcracker: IMPORTANT


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I have made a major release of Nutcracker software.

This release breaks all of your logins.

New features

1) Nutcracker is now architected for batch processing (Single button project builds here we come!)

2) Changed the password hashing from 32 bytes to 60 bytes. This change will require you to reenter your password again (more below)

3) New columns added to some tables to enable single strand effects

4) Some fixes for local installs.

5) New password change form

So first, i have reset all of your passwords to "welcome".

The first thing you need to do is change your password

When you come to the login screen, you will see a new option for changing passwords


Now we come to the password change screen


1) Enter your current login

2) Enter the temp password "welcome"

3) Enter what you want your password to be, this can be the same as it was before

4) Enter what you want your password to be a second time

Submit and then click and go back to the login form.

Please Note!!

I am not done converting the effects to the new format.

Here is what you can continue to develop with. BLUE = GOOD TO GO

bars, butterfly, fire,garlands, spirals

color_wash, gif, life,

These are not ready to test so please do NOT post any messages about them. As the days go forward this pile will move up to the pile that us ready for test.


chase, layer,meteors, pictures, single_strand,snowflakes,snowstorm,text,user_defined

Please be understanding of any issues this week as this is a massive change.

I expect all effects will be finished and moved from the RED pile into the BLUE pile by this friday.

I will be having a Nutcracker Tutorial Tomorrow night, Thrus Sept 12, 7pm MST (Denver Time).

we can discuss all of the changes that this encompassed then.

thanks for your patience


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