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Looking for sequence to "Angels Among Us" by Alabama


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I'd appreciate a copy of your sequence if you have it. The file needs to be in LOR 1 or 2; as I use Aurora software along with LOR hardware. Aurora will import a LOR file, but not S3.

I've searched the UltraShows website and all the links on wbottomley website and did find one fee based sequence, only $2.99 so I bought it; however it's full of RGB & DMX stuff that I don't have. I'm hoping to strip it down and use the timing marks; I'm not sure it's going to be useful for a standard sequence.

Hoping that someone has a sequence that they'd share. A mega tree, a spiral tree, arches; all would be a real plus. I'd be thrilled with any sequence for a starting point. I'm in slight panic mode trying to complete what's already planned. Last night my better half requested that I include this song.



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