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Securing LED Strips — Sticky situation


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Newbie looking for some wisdom on securing LED strips. Is the double-sided tape found on most of the strips acceptable? - i.e., weatherproof - and will it stand the test of time? I have seen some strips that purport 3M tape, while most others don't. I also found some nice IP68 strips without the tape and was wondering if it makes sense to use another adhesive (some type of construction adhesive, like liquid nails or something similar).

I plan to attach them to J-channel facing outward on the roof lines, and attach them on the vinyl eaves siding facing down for wall wash.

The last thing I want is the strips to start falling off in Mid-December!

To sum it up:

1. What has your experience been with the double-sided tape? Does it stand the test of time?

2. Have you used other adhesives, and if so, what has worked or doesn't work?


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I didnt see any replies to this so I dont know if you got any ideas.. I mounted my rgb strips on thin-walled pvc flex tubing to go under the eaves for a wash effect. I didnt use the built-in sticky tape, I zip-tied the strips to the pvc, every couple of feet or so.. zipties are only on the solder pads, not the chip or pixels. Dont pull them very tight, just snug, then a piece of shipping tape also every couple feet or so to keep the strip from spinning/rotating on the pvc.

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The adhesive doesn't perform well mounted to a round surface. Like TJ mentioned, DO NOT go tight on the zip ties! expansion and contraction with our weather will give you plenty of grief. If you want to use adhesive, I would go with silicone, if you need to replace a section, it will be much easier.

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