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Attention Menards Fans

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Speaking of Menards I just bought 8 strings of purple/orage 5mm 30 lights per string for $3.99 each. At first I was nervous they wouldn't dim, but they dim great. I think I'm going back for more later. Menards rocks! lol

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I bought some Menard's incans (purple and orange) a week or so ago. They were 3.99 for 100ct. I happened to pull out a box I bought from Target last year and they were marked 2.49. Just a heads-up.

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Wally's should have all Halloween out by Sept 11.

I was told by a nice lady that the Christmas stuff will be coming out in full swing at the end of Sept.

Everyone has different stuff... some better than others. You just have to shop around. OMG i sound like my wife! :blink:


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