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I screwed up my channel lists


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Yep. That about says it all. I changed some of the channels. Units/channel. Then saved a new channel list, thought I deleted it but instead deleted the wrong one. Long story short I screwed up.

My question. If Im in the LOR sequence editor (3.7.0 basic plus) is there a way to view all of my channels on one page to set the unit and channel numbers of each? It would save me the hassle of changing every song and assign them with the correct unit/channel numbers. I now created a new channel list. I'm adjusting all the songs to have the same Channels in the same order. Then I have to click on each channel and change the ids of each. Please tell me there is an easier way. This is sooooo time consuming.


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Are you looking to do something different than the standard LCC (Light-O-Rama Channel Configuration) file?

If you don't know about the process, here is how you create and use the LCC file.

  1. Click "Edit -> Export/Import Channel Configuration -> Export Channel Configuration."
  2. When prompted, enter a filename for your template. It is now saved to your computer.

To use the LCC file, you can do so one of two ways.

Method One:

Click "File -> New" and create a new musical (or animation) sequence.

Look for the section called "Use a saved channel configuration template" and use the "..." button to chose the template you created in steps 1 and 2.

Once you click okay, your new sequence is ready to go with your information already filled in for you.

Method Two:

Open your existing sequence.

Click "Edit -> Export/Import Channel Configuration -> Import Channel Configuration."

Chose the template you created in steps 1 and 2.

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Thanks don- I understand that now. But to have a page to see all my channels with controllers and unit ids would be great. All at one time.

Yeah. Everything is now stored as a backup on dropbox!!!

Did you look in the "RECYCLE BIN"

Lol. Yes sir! First place I looked. This is over a corse of a month. My wife empties it often.

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You can print the channel list to see all of them. Simply go to Tools -> Channel Configuration then "Print" (Lower portion of the pop-up window.)

One thing to remember about Dropbox, it keeps a revision of the file each time you save it. Need to revert back to a copy from 18 saves ago? It's there, just have to restore the file (though you will want to restore to a new location.)

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If you have converted/fixed one song. If I misunderstood then stop reading!

Then create another track and arrange that one to match the ones that are out of place.

Back up!

Save the config.

Copy all the tracks from one to a new one.

Back up and save config under a different name.

Delete the first track.

Now your first track should look like the old mixed up squences only with the correct controllers and channels.

Save the config with a different name, for my example we will call it USE_ME

Now load a mixed up sequence and import USE_ME config.

use "Save As" and make sure it is a different name from the mixed up one!

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