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This is my first year sequencing with LOR, and I am looking for a sequence to base mine on. Last year I built my own 4 channel system using a microcontroller, transistors for switching relays, etc... for one tree only. That tree was hooked up to an inverter and was displayed outside church in the back of a pickup truck on Christmas Eve playing "Joy to the World" by Mannheim Steamroller. Sequencing was done by ear and code in 10ms increments, and the music was looped via a servo taped to an mp3 player to get the timing consistent. At the end of the song, the servo would hit the back button once to turn the screen on, and again to restart the song. The code would then loop to the beginning and be in sync with the music. Let me just say....LOR is much easier, faster, and has much fancier effects(the dc motor turning a wall dimmer switch via a rubberband, doesn't quite cut it). I am looking for the original instrumental version of "Traditions of Christmas" by Mannheim Steamroller. I only have 16 channels right now(that will be changing next year, as this is very addicting and fulfilling), but even if it is more channels, I can adapt it to my display. Thanks in advance.

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