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Number of Strobes per channel


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incand strobes? is there even such a thing? did you mean xenon? 130, I would split them across a couple at least.. find the current rating for the ones you have.

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If you've got the extra channel to play with, I'd recomment splitting them over two channels. But not from a power consumption perspective. If you bought all those strobes at the same time, they are all going to flash in synchronization for the first five seconds or so. (Yes, Virginia, even incan - xenon tube - strobes flash in synchronization for a few seconds if they're made with the exact same components.) If you've got a second channel you can fire the second channel .03 second after the first one to help disguise the synchronization effect.

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Well shoot goduke, you have half of the answer from the info you supplied. You said that each is 6 watts each. So 130 times 6 equals 780 watts. Now take that 780 and divide it by the voltage of 120 and you get the amps. So 780 / 120 = 6.5 amps. So if you have the hi power heat sink it could be done. But as it has been pointed out to you. If you really want to help along the random flashing. Then use two or more channels and start each channel at different times.

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