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I don't own one of these RPM E1.31 devices but I do have a J1Sys ECG-DR4 and they are very similar in some ways (different processor, though).

If you look (zoom in) at the four RJ45 output jacks, you will see lots of Jumpers.

Those jumpers allow you to Output DMX on Data Wires 1 and 2 (normal) and, if you move the jumpers, it moves the data to Data Wires 4 and 5.

Now, LOR DMX uses data wires 4 and 5, BUT BUT BUT, on the J1Sys board they are backwards, and I think they are on the RPM board also.

For my J1Sys ECG-DR4, instead of using the jumper blocks, I used jumper wires, allowing me to make an "X" thereby putting DMX out on the correct data wires 4 and 5.

When you do that, you don't need ANY converter cables to you LOR controllers.

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I'm also running one of RPM's E1.31 to dmx bridges this year however I'm not running my LOR boards in DMX mode. I'm going to continue to run my LOR boards off of my LOR USB dongle and run my dmx stuff solo over E1.31. Here's why, when I did like you said JonB and made an X cable to run the LOR boards off the RPM bridge I got a different affect for shimmer, twinkle, etc than what I got from my native LOR dongle. YMMV but I personally liked the effects better on the native LOR dongle. Sure it means 2 cat5 cables coming from my show pc but I think most of us usually have plenty of cat5 cable laying around. You may want to hook a strand of lights up both ways side by side and do a quick comparison to make sure you like all the affects running your LOR boards in DMX mode.

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