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combo clips

kelly jett

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hey guys,

i have a curious question. i have many wireframes and i want to upgrade them to led with the colored "combo clips". i have looked at many different websites and the only place i can find them is at christmas-leds.com ,

does anyone know of anyone else that may sell these. it seems that the wireframe companies all have these on their displays but none of them sell them seperately.

it's not that i don't want to buy them from christmas-leds.com but you know as well as i do if we can look around and save some money with someone else then we're atleast gonna look.

any direction would be most appreciated.

thanks for the help

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As far as I know Christmas Leds is the only place that carries them. I use them on my frames in my display and love them.

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hey doug,

thanks for the info.

i guess i'll place my order and get started on upgrading to led and combo clips.

i've got it........redoing wireframes and watching "deck the halls". what a nice way to spend a summer night.

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