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My first sequence!


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I dont even have my unit yet (still in the mail) but with some kind help from folks here I finally have a complete albeit rough sequence to LMFAO's Party Rock.

Still learning of course but I'm proud I was able to get this far! :D

My setup for now is very very simple, only 12 sources and the voices are standing pumpkins and one spooky tree so the voices aren't perfect yet. Some of the beats are slightly off and for the life of me I can't find where but its pretty close. lol I'm to the point of ready to pay cash to someone for getting them percise but I disgress...

Thanks to everyone for putting up with my questions!


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Make a copy of that sequence and put it some place safe and don't touch it. Two years from now (or whenever you start to feel all full of yourself) pull it out and take another look at it. Sure worked for me...

Here's hoping your "unit" turns out to make you as happy as you've been anticipating it will...

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