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Nutcracker: tutorial thurs, aug 23 7pm mst (Denver time)


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With the many changes this week I think it would be useful to have another tutorial on Nutcracker.

It will be again on big blue button.


In "Join A Meeting" select the "cracker" channel. Bobby set this up so i can give nutcracker tutorials.

Enter your name, no password needed.

I will open the conference on Thrusday Aug 23rd, 6:45pm (MST, Denver, Mountain Time).

Tutorial will start at 7pm MST.

We will be recording this so it can be played back if you cant make it.


Pictures. How to use them, what are good pictures and bad for effects

Gifs: what sort of animated gifs work, where to find them, what about gif transparency

Layers: how to select good pictures to layer on animations

Bug fixes: I will go through the changes made to nutcracker this last week, all ten of them

Projects: what is imminent (you may want to install nutcracker on your local drive)

Lsp,lor,vixen specific changes coming

Current list of open work.

A) horizon target model

B) single string effects for eaves, windows and arches

C) next release of projects

So 25.5 hours from now the conference will occur.


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I keep missing these, Is there any email notification list thingy you guys are doing?

I will probably keep doing them 7pm MST on thursdays for the next 4-6 weeks . This one lasted 2hrs 15 mins.

This was recorded, ill let you know when it gets posted.

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Crud I defnitely would have done this, wasn't doing anything productive last night.

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