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I have had this problem when ripping songs from CD from time to time, sometimes the song when ripped has something embedded in the {if it's an MP3} title of the song, this IS NOT the same as the filename, this is a tag inside the MP3 file that tells who the artist may be, what CD it came from and other info. Sometimes when the title is placed, it may not have one, and will show up as a small square box and letters e and x in the title and this sometimes will make the SE refuse to load the song.

It's an easy fix, but will require software like MP3Tag to be able to edit out those characters and type in the title of the song, like "Purple People Eater", in your case.

MP3 Tag is a free program and can be downloaded here:


Another great program, also completely free is MP3 Gain: {you can set all your MP3's at one volume level}, it can be downloaded here:


These are two of the most widely used programs along with the SE, especially if you also use an LOR DC-MP3 Showtime or Mini Director units, but even if you don't, these work wonders for tagging and constant audio levels of your music.

Also, make sure your MP3 is at 128kbps {although I use 192k msyelf} and CBR {Constant Bit Rate}, not VBR as this can result in erratic timing errors. That's what I love about the MP3 tag program, it also tells me what my MP3 is set at,CBR or VBR, but it won't change that, you'd need a program like Audacity or a music editor of some kind to convert a VBR MP3 file to CBR.

If you need Audacity another free software program for editing Audio files, I don't know much about this software as I have commercial audio editing software I use,, but many folks do use this software and, again, it is a free program, download it here:


Good Luck!

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