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I want to add smart strips to outline my house and am thinking of an E682. The placement is approximate and gives about 10 feet to each strip. I am thinking of locating it here in case I decide to use smart pixels to outline my windows instead of dumb.

I was thinking of converting the existing MR16 LEDs for the tombstones and use three - '3 LED 5050' modules for each tombstone. At first I was thinking dumb would be plenty but I am thinking maybe smart modules so I can change each one. Why you may ask - I am thinking if I have one on as orange, one red, one yellow and alternate it I may be able to give the illusion of fire. I have done it before with incandescent spots so think LED may be able to work also. I think the data will degrade from the E362 to the yard so I was thinking of the mini-DMX protocol converter (http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/DD-100-series-mini-DMX-protocol-decoder-support-WS2801-protocol-control-signal/701799_340705630.html

and run four sets of three 2801 or 6803 modules from, tombstone to tombstone. I know the picture looks like a hub but in application I was just planning on a simple inline series.

Here is where my knowledge (or assumed knowledge) ends. Can these convertors be simple added to a DMX line? Does each one need a dedicated dongle? Or can it be programmed to one at say channels 1-36 and the other side of the yard channels 37-72, all on the same universe? Or would it just be simplest to put 3-4 nulls modules?

And if this can be driven off of a DMX chain can I use a DMX universe off the E682?

This is getting so very exciting...post-775-0-36537800-1345322979_thumb.jpg


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Your best bet is to sign-up for the AusChristmas forum and then download the "AusChristmas Manual 101" It's a good read and will give you all the information you will need to know.


I have looked at the manual again. I guess I did not explain my question well enough. I think the protocol converter will go inline with DMX but how do you set the channel start? Has anyone used these ?


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