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am i going in the right direction?


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I have planned to light up my house this Christmas using lightorama. I have 2 x 240v controllers and 2 x dc boards .

I plan to use dumb rgb led strips round the 6 windows and a 5m mega tree with a Bethlehem star on top with strobes in the tree but I have no idea what to do with the roof line or gutters.

My kids want a leaping arch and a 3 stars on a lighted pole ( sorry forgot the proper name ) and the wife would like a fan

I'm in the UK and I have clay tiles on the roof and don't know how to attach anysort of lights to them

Please help

Just trying to brighten up newton poppleford this year as some have lights up but shop bought ones and no music. Just trying to stand out like the restof you guys over in the us

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Welcome, my Brother across the pond!

Some sort of adhesive or mechanical clip sound like the best choice for holding lights on your clay tile roof..


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hi cuffers im from southampton uk and i plan to use these arounf my pvc windows i have had some stuck for 3 weeks so far and there solid


with the eves of the house i plan to use the same things but with a screw hole im just trying to sorce some at the mo or mod the above

for guttering try these


i got these from the range

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Toolstation sell those clips so ill try them and if the range still do

The gutter clips ill get some of those

Still thinking of how to do the roof though

Many thanks for all the help and all the other info I've found on the forum

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