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How Many Controllers Will S3 Support


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The number of controllers per network would be 240. (Has been as long as I've been around, probably longer.)

There is a limit of 16 LOR networks, though. (At least last time I looked.)

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Still only 16 networks, but quite a number of controllers per network. If you use the recently posted TSO/pixel number of about 900 channels per network, and 16 channel controllers, that is about 56 controllers per network, and about 900 total controllers. Then you could probably plug more in as DMX controllers if you needed more...

Personally, I've only pushed it about as far as 60 controllers, split out over 3 networks...

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ah still I think that we should also note that if you do not have the advanced software, there are limitations. Demo no controllers. Basic I think is only 2 controllers and I dont remember if there is other levels and if any limitations. Would someone more learned than me complete the list or make corrections to what I have already posted.

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Demo 0

Basic 2

Basic Plus 4

Standard 8

Advanced Unlimited (3840 technically)

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