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3-Axis Skull Builds

TJ Hvasta

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I know many of you have been wanting to build 3-axis skulls for your haunt / display.. and there are many sites that sell prebuilt (but reeeeally expensive) skulls to plug-n-play.. this link, (you may have found it before, you may have not) is at HalloweenForum.com, and is the birthplace of the 3-axis skull craze.. This is where I got all my info, and build tips for my skulls and pirates. It's a real wealth of information, it's .. like.. 100pages.. but a tremendous bunch of guys and brain cells collected there, just like this place.


A couple have asked abt using servos to move arms, torsosm etc.. here's a link to some 3-axis Quartet videos:


Tuts on audio for the skulls, using VSA:


Moving arms for 3-axis skeletons: http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/112680-moving-arm-mechanism-3-axis-skeleton.html

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great to read about and watch the videos but way out of league for now im still working my head around light o rama but cheers for posting i enjoyed the read


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I also got the inspiration to build the 3 axis skulls from the Halloweenforums, but there are so many pages and responses to the build it's kind of troublesome finding the pics and the processs.

I found that Dr. Morbeus on the Garage of Evil has posted some pics and details. Some pics are poor but some are well worth taking a look at.


Good luck,


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