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Lsp 3 And Lynx Equipment Anyone In Ms Like To Mentor Me


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i have 12 lynx version 5.

1 lynx usb dongle

1 ethernet dongle

some wirless tx/rx for lynx

lsp 3 full version

located in south mississippi

face book page santa's runway

need some help getting the sofwatre and hardware to work together

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since this is a light o rama forum, you might get a better result by posting to the LSP forum in diylightanimation




oops, i see that you did post there on jul 24th, sorry about that. That still would be a better place than here, hope you get some answers

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I am not fimilar with the ether dongle but if you use a enttec dmx pro dongle you can run the LE 5 in DMX mode on LOR or LSP. If you have any other questions I am also on DIY light animation (same username) or PM me on here.


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