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Looking For "partial" Sequence: 16 Channel Megatree For Wizards Of Winter


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I'm looking for just a partial sequence (but I'll take the whole one of course :) )

I'm just trying to finish my first sequence for Wizards of Winter. I have everything else done but the megaTree. The tree is a 16 channel tree, one color. I appreciate any help.



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you can take a look at my 2009 videos and sequences in my signature below and see if my version could help you out.

Be sure to follow the directions on my Sequence page for downloading the sequences...

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I posted all my 2011 christmas sequences from last year......all them were for a 16ch mega tree. 4 color though, you'd have to do a bit of adapting.

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dave do you have a web site for your sequences i would like to look at your mega tree setup thanks james morris

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Hi Jim,

Sorry, just saw your post......no, I don't hav ea website set up yet. Last year was my 1st attempt.

I did upload my videos from last year to Vimeo (not great, still learning to film lights too), though by the time I took them

a storm had come through and done a number on my string spacing.....guess I had them too loose. I'll have a better base this year.

The visualization on rotations wasn't very smooth, but I knew that going into it. The color fades and waves worked well though!

So, I ran a 16 channel setup, 4 channels per color. So that basically left me with 4 'segments' for the tree per color.

I divided the tree into 4 quadrants, then used 2 strings of 100ct minis per quadrant. (each channel = 200 minis)

(My tree was about 11 ft tall, so one string would stretch up and back down to hte ground almsot perfectly.)

I had a moravian star then on top of the tree plugged into a timer, so the folks in the neighborhood would

know that if the star was on, the show was running.

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