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Ccrs Versus Pixels


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OK, this is my first year. I ordered my two controllers in March. I have played with the software and even upgraded to allow me to use DMX.

I thought I had my setup figured out and knew exactly what I wanted to do. Now, after changing about 10 times, deciding I need more lights and more controllers, I am rethinking everything.

After reading the forums from top to bottom since MArch, I see a lot of things I want to eventually do. (MegaBall Christmas Tree anyone?) But, I am going to have to start smaller...

I want to run smart RGBs on my roofline. I have approximately 67 feet of roofline inclusing a single peak. I can add another 15 feet if I line the side eves.

I think Kevin uses CCRs for his roof line?

My question is, since I want to get as big a bang for my buck as possible, would the smart waterproof pixel from RayWu work as well?

I have about $300.00 left to spend and my wife says she really means it this time. :)

Any suggestions ? Comments?

Thanks for all the help EVERYONE provides in these forums.

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I see a lot of things I want to eventually do. (MegaBall Christmas Tree anyone?)

I thought I heard that some yahoo in NC was doing one of those...

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Suggestion 1: Get rid of wife!

if your like most of us that is NOT an option.

Suggestion 2: See if she would go a little higher and get 2 CCP from LOR at the sale.

Suggestion 3: Wait until next year

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$300 is gonna be a little short if you choose the Pixel route.

I have 85' of eve that I just bought pixels for:

$40 on power supplies

$180 on E681 controller (you can save $60 by building it yourself)

$283 on 4x100 pixel stings and water proof connectors

$35 on enclosures

I did buy extra string of pixels for "just in case"

But if you choose RGB route I think $300 would be enough.

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Heres what I found regarding pro/cons of Pixels vs CCP

I do own one (1) CCP and some pixels with a e681 controller





very small waterproof controller Box (6"x 4"x2" )

Takes AC power

doens't need external DC power supply

data through Cat5 using LOR protocal

can use macros for some sequences -->> reduces traffic on LOR network

should be on sale for Summer Sale

wires are all green

waterproof connectors


Each string is 50 pixels long

Each string must radiate out from the controller

Can't Add pixels to the end of string

not on sale yet at LOR


Pixels using e681



choice of 5v or 12v pixels

Strings can be up to 168 pixels long

you can have null pixels to move the string away from the controller

You can custom make stings from 1 to 168 pixels,

You can Zig Zag your strings

you have more choices in the style of pixel and chip (WS2801 WS2811 6801 etc)

uses e1.31 network instead of LOR

You can choose where to inject power to your strings


Needs external controller

Needs Extrernal power supply

Needs enclosure

Required Advanced LOR license

you have to build a box to put Power supply / controllers

you have to buy all the parts from different vendors and wait for them to come in

wires can be all kinds of different colors

need to buy waterproof connectors

My thoughts... on LOR CCP

I love the controller box and the ease of integration with LOR, it's very much Plug and play.

I also love that that the CCP is AC powered. It's much easier to run long distances this way.

LOR pay attention here

If you guys were to build and sell the controller boxes, and add some customization similar to the E68x and the J1SYS controllers

If think you might have a really good product.

If i were you I'd offer a product that;

1.) Allows for custom length strings

2.) Allows for 5v or 12v strings

3.) allows for option to use LOR or E1.31 or

4.) allows for optional external power supply

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I was planning on adding some CCP's to my display this year, but got tired of waiting. Ended up pretty much doing the E681 route with pixels from Ray Wu. I don't want to be wondering what I'm going to do going into August.

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