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After taking some time away since last season... and I have to say that I feel really, really good about the 2012 season.

Sequencing is going good, except I'm still using LOR2. :). Going to start restringing some of the arches tomorrow and I'm going to finally wire our mega-arch so it can be put up and taken down easily.

And what's up with the new forums? I like them but I have to get my siggy back... it looks naked down there...

Just wanted to say "Hi!" is all.

Oh yeah... I was going to do the RGB LED thing this year but I sold(and helped install) all of them to a local arcade... it's the coolest thing ever having like 20 strands dancing in a little store. Everybody loves them.

For me, I decided it was just too big a jump this year... I wanna just have fun again.

See you around the forums. :D

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