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I have a 110V, 2.5 Amp reversing motor, 4 output leads:

Leads - 1. black - forward

2. white - neutral

3. red - reverse

4. ground

It now operates with a manual rocker switch, but I would like to control it with an LOR computer. I can do this with 2 LOR channels, but this has danger if both black and red leads are fed voltage from programming error or improper test. I would like to do this with micro switches STDP. My goal is to move shelf in and out of cabinet with computer control. (one channel prefered) Any ideas on how to wire this system?

Bill's Dancing Waters

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What you are probably looking for is a "Latching Relay".
One pulse of 120 volts turns on one side of the SPDT switch, another 120 Volt pulse switches to the other side of the SPDT switch. Some latching relays are DPDT but you can use just one side of the relay. This would only require 1 channel of the LOR controller.

Digikey has such a relay HERE.
This is an Adobe PDF file.
Look (or search) for part #KUL-11A15S-120.
It's about the 8th item down the list.
It has a contact rating of 10 Amps with a 120 Volt coil.

It says it's Figure 6 but that is shown on the top of THIS PAGE.

You can read more about Latching Relays HERE.

Hope this helps!

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Here is a possible scenario to hook up the relay.
The LOR voltage pulse duration will need to be adjusted so the relay works.
On & Off voltage ONLY. No dimming, shimmer, or twinkle.

YOU are responsible for verifying all information provided.

Edit: Note for limit switches - If you used a momentary rocker switch in the past, you will need to use "limit switches" that turn off the power when the shelf reaches its furthest position. (could be micro-switches) That is not shown in the diagram below. There would have to be a limit switch in the RED and BLACK motor leads so the motor shuts off at the end of its travel.

Hope this helps!

Attached files 122754=7335-latching_relay.jpg

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There's really no need for a latching relay.

YOu could use 2 channels. One to turn power to the motor on and off, and another to reverse the direction. The second channel would feed a double through relay wired such that off is normal and on is reverse. The other channel would turn power on and off to the contact side of the relay

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