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Control Lights Option De-Selects When Not All Adapters Are Available


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My experience seems to be a little different with the control lights option being deselected issue that DevMike posted about. For me it de-selects each time I hit Play. I can work around by going back to the menu (after hitting play) and choose Control Lights.

This works, but it's fairly annoying to have to do each time I hit play. And changing my network config each time I add and remove devices gets to be annoying as well. I generally program on a machine that may have a portion of the light equipment available to it that i'm using for testing so the hardware I have connected changes constantly.

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The correct way to handle that is to go ahead and 'disable' the LOR networks in the network config that are not connected, You should match the config to what you have connected at that time.

Disabling networks will help with speed, as well as stability. Sending thousands of commands to a USB thing (or COM port) that doesn't exist only causes Windows to buffer & ultimately do weird things. The network config program only takes a second to load up, and the networks can be enabled/disabled with just a few clicks.

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