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3.5.0 Small Possible Issue With Control Lights Option

LOR Staff

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One of our beta testers reported a small issue with 3.5.0, which didn't make it in time for the release. This will probably only effect those users who have switched completely over to E 1.31.

If you start the Sequence Editor with NO USB adapter attached, just like a user who only has E1.31 would, the 'Control Lights' option is automatically DEselected. You must remember to turn that option back on each time you start the Sequence Editor, or leave a USB adapter attached.

We need to do a little more research on Monday, and I will let you know the outcome. For now just remember to turn the option ON, or leave a USB adapter connected to your computer.


According to a couple of Beta Testers, the 'Control Lights' option only shuts off if you have an LOR Network defined (tab 1 of the Network Preferences program), and the LOR adapter is not connected. If you are no longer using LOR networks (for example, you've converted all over to E131), be sure to change all of them to 'None'. Then the Control Lights option will stick.

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Upon further review, this is working exactly as it should.

When the Sequence Editor starts up, it looks at all defined LOR ports and checks to make sure they exist. If they don't that is an error, and the 'Control Lights' option is deselected. The correct way to handle this is to de-select any LOR networks if you are no longer using them, or ensure your USB adapters are connected when starting the SE.

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