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TJ -

Its been a while since I asked, but originally I was told PC kits would eventually become gen3, (and when they did , all the Surface mount parts would come allready mounted)

But I have never seen a gen3 kit... I thought all the issues last year were around the bards getting re-done for gen 3, but even after all the waiting, I still got the same kit type PC series bard I always have. Witch makes me wonder even more why they had such a delay for the old design.

If they had no boards to sell, and they had to order more, why order more of the the old boards.

Oh well, anyway, thats my .02.

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Guest wbottomley

Oh so the sale isn't even on at this time? I was hoping to buy 2 of them when the sale starts. :(

I'd suggest reading this thread in "Important Announcements."

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