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4 Wire Rgb Rope

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I have two AC controllers, an idmx-1000 and a spool of 4-wire flat RGB rope light with a rectifier/controller thing.

Is there any way to rectify the rope to control each color using the AC LOR unit?

I saw some posts from awhile ago that said to just buy a DC controller but doing that for just one line of rope seems like overkill. Is there anything I can do to work around this?

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NOTE: As I say this, I am no expert and am only speaking from what I have learned.

By definition, the rope is either rated for 24vdc, 12vdc, or 5vdc. I am also making the assumption that the rgb rope does not have any smart chips in it like the color ribbon.

-If it has data chips in it, you would need a seperate data controller for it, and could not use an lor ac unit.

-If it does not have data chips in it, there would be two major hurdles to get over, basically making the attempt not worth it in my opinion. This is why people are saying just get a dc board, it is most likely cheaper and responds better to programming commands.

->Cheaper to use DC Board: If you were to use the AC board to control each color in the rgb light, you would need to convert each (plug in) on the ac board to a low dc voltage. This can be done, but buying three ac to dc converters at $10-$50 a piece can become rediculous quickly... (if you can even find a converter)

->DC Board Responds Better: In my experience, any converter going from high voltage ac to low voltage dc is not dimmable, and also when shut off (from the ac end) continues to let off dc power for a second or two. So you wouldn't really be able to do anything but on and off. It also wouldn't even be timed to the music you are playing.


EDIT: I just read that you have an IDMX1000, You may be able to use a single dc dmx controller for about $6 (not including a power transformer). Do you know what the voltage is on your rgb rope? Here is the site I am thinking about: http://www.twodoglightstore.com/product.php?id_product=29

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