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I have released a new version that fixes that errors that were ocurring when you tried to create an lms FILE.

i have also fixed gaps in the Text effect. I believe the scrolling text now will display correctly.

I have fixed where the export process was going only through once instead of filling the sequence duration window.

Give it a try.


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I was able to load it up. Sean Test my Mega Tree, the larger of the 2, with the Big (butterfly) The output was huge, and 99% blank?

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I was able to load it up. Sean Test my Mega Tree, the larger of the 2, with the Big (butterfly) The output was huge, and 99% blank?

Did you load a lms file or a lcb file?

I was not clear, i only fixed the lms file, i am working on the lcb file now.

I tried your target TREE+BIG.

This was the preview of it.


I then created a lms file and imported it into lor 3.4. Every cell was populated with a color and the sequence was 10 seconds long.

The butterfly effect, by the way, will make the biggest file since every cell has a non black color.

The 10 second file was 29 mbytes in size.

Expect a full 3 minute song for a rgb tree to be hundreds of megabytes in size.

I dont know why you dont see the data, it seems to work here.

are S2 or S3?

my TREE+BIG.lms file was 29,568kb.

can you right click and save as the lnms file and then maybe post the first few hundred lines here?

Here is what i have for your file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

<sequence saveFileVersion="7" createdAt="8/10/2006 12:16:28 AM" >


<channel name="S1-P1-R" color="255" centiseconds="1000" deviceType="LOR" unit="1" circuit="1" network="1" savedIndex="0">

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="0" endCentisecond="5" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="5" endCentisecond="10" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="10" endCentisecond="15" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="15" endCentisecond="20" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="20" endCentisecond="25" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="25" endCentisecond="30" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="30" endCentisecond="35" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="35" endCentisecond="40" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="40" endCentisecond="45" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="45" endCentisecond="50" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="50" endCentisecond="55" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="55" endCentisecond="60" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="60" endCentisecond="65" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="65" endCentisecond="70" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="70" endCentisecond="75" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="75" endCentisecond="80" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="80" endCentisecond="85" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="85" endCentisecond="90" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="90" endCentisecond="95" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="95" endCentisecond="100" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="100" endCentisecond="105" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="105" endCentisecond="110" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="110" endCentisecond="115" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="115" endCentisecond="120" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="120" endCentisecond="125" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="125" endCentisecond="130" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="130" endCentisecond="135" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="135" endCentisecond="140" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="140" endCentisecond="145" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="145" endCentisecond="150" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="150" endCentisecond="155" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="155" endCentisecond="160" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="160" endCentisecond="165" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="165" endCentisecond="170" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="170" endCentisecond="175" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="175" endCentisecond="180" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="180" endCentisecond="185" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="185" endCentisecond="190" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="190" endCentisecond="195" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="195" endCentisecond="200" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="200" endCentisecond="205" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="205" endCentisecond="210" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="210" endCentisecond="215" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="215" endCentisecond="220" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="220" endCentisecond="225" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="225" endCentisecond="230" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="230" endCentisecond="235" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="235" endCentisecond="240" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="240" endCentisecond="245" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="245" endCentisecond="250" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="250" endCentisecond="255" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="255" endCentisecond="260" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="260" endCentisecond="265" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="265" endCentisecond="270" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="270" endCentisecond="275" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="275" endCentisecond="280" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="280" endCentisecond="285" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="285" endCentisecond="290" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="290" endCentisecond="295" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="295" endCentisecond="300" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="300" endCentisecond="305" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="305" endCentisecond="310" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="310" endCentisecond="315" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="315" endCentisecond="320" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="320" endCentisecond="325" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="325" endCentisecond="330" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="330" endCentisecond="335" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="335" endCentisecond="340" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="340" endCentisecond="345" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="345" endCentisecond="350" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="350" endCentisecond="355" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="355" endCentisecond="360" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="360" endCentisecond="365" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="365" endCentisecond="370" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="370" endCentisecond="375" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="375" endCentisecond="380" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="380" endCentisecond="385" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="385" endCentisecond="390" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="390" endCentisecond="395" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="395" endCentisecond="400" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="400" endCentisecond="405" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="405" endCentisecond="410" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="410" endCentisecond="415" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="415" endCentisecond="420" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="420" endCentisecond="425" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="425" endCentisecond="430" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="430" endCentisecond="435" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="435" endCentisecond="440" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="440" endCentisecond="445" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="445" endCentisecond="450" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="450" endCentisecond="455" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="455" endCentisecond="460" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="460" endCentisecond="465" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="465" endCentisecond="470" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="470" endCentisecond="475" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="475" endCentisecond="480" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="480" endCentisecond="485" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="485" endCentisecond="490" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="490" endCentisecond="495" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="495" endCentisecond="500" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="500" endCentisecond="505" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="505" endCentisecond="510" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="510" endCentisecond="515" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="515" endCentisecond="520" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="520" endCentisecond="525" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="525" endCentisecond="530" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="530" endCentisecond="535" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="535" endCentisecond="540" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="540" endCentisecond="545" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="545" endCentisecond="550" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="550" endCentisecond="555" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="555" endCentisecond="560" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="560" endCentisecond="565" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="565" endCentisecond="570" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="570" endCentisecond="575" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="575" endCentisecond="580" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="580" endCentisecond="585" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="585" endCentisecond="590" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="590" endCentisecond="595" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="595" endCentisecond="600" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="600" endCentisecond="605" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="605" endCentisecond="610" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="610" endCentisecond="615" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="615" endCentisecond="620" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="620" endCentisecond="625" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="625" endCentisecond="630" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="630" endCentisecond="635" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="635" endCentisecond="640" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="640" endCentisecond="645" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="645" endCentisecond="650" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="650" endCentisecond="655" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="655" endCentisecond="660" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="660" endCentisecond="665" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="665" endCentisecond="670" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="670" endCentisecond="675" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="675" endCentisecond="680" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="680" endCentisecond="685" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="685" endCentisecond="690" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="690" endCentisecond="695" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="695" endCentisecond="700" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="700" endCentisecond="705" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="705" endCentisecond="710" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="710" endCentisecond="715" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="715" endCentisecond="720" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="720" endCentisecond="725" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="725" endCentisecond="730" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="730" endCentisecond="735" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="735" endCentisecond="740" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="740" endCentisecond="745" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="745" endCentisecond="750" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="750" endCentisecond="755" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="755" endCentisecond="760" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="760" endCentisecond="765" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="765" endCentisecond="770" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="770" endCentisecond="775" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="775" endCentisecond="780" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="780" endCentisecond="785" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="785" endCentisecond="790" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="790" endCentisecond="795" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="795" endCentisecond="800" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="800" endCentisecond="805" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="805" endCentisecond="810" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="810" endCentisecond="815" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="815" endCentisecond="820" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="820" endCentisecond="825" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="825" endCentisecond="830" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="830" endCentisecond="835" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="835" endCentisecond="840" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="840" endCentisecond="845" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="845" endCentisecond="850" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="850" endCentisecond="855" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="855" endCentisecond="860" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="860" endCentisecond="865" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="865" endCentisecond="870" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="870" endCentisecond="875" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="875" endCentisecond="880" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="880" endCentisecond="885" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="885" endCentisecond="890" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="890" endCentisecond="895" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="895" endCentisecond="900" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="900" endCentisecond="905" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="905" endCentisecond="910" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="910" endCentisecond="915" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="915" endCentisecond="920" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="920" endCentisecond="925" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="925" endCentisecond="930" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="930" endCentisecond="935" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="935" endCentisecond="940" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="940" endCentisecond="945" intensity="94" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="945" endCentisecond="950" intensity="99" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="950" endCentisecond="955" intensity="86" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="955" endCentisecond="960" intensity="57" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="960" endCentisecond="965" intensity="14" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="965" endCentisecond="970" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="970" endCentisecond="975" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="975" endCentisecond="980" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="980" endCentisecond="985" intensity="34" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="985" endCentisecond="990" intensity="71" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="990" endCentisecond="990" intensity="94" />


<channel name="S1-P1-G" color="65280" centiseconds="1000" deviceType="LOR" unit="1" circuit="2" network="1" savedIndex="1">

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="0" endCentisecond="5" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="5" endCentisecond="10" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="10" endCentisecond="15" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="15" endCentisecond="20" intensity="49" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="20" endCentisecond="25" intensity="81" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="25" endCentisecond="30" intensity="25" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="30" endCentisecond="35" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="35" endCentisecond="40" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="40" endCentisecond="45" intensity="5" />

<effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="45" endCentisecond="50" intensity="5" />

it loaded with no errors and like i said, every cell has a non black value in the lor channel view.


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Thats crazy as in the whole sequence as an LMS it had 4 green dots the whole sequence? Oh well I'll give it a go again tonight.

Wait thats not the big tree. Im talking about the 60x100 tree.

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sean i have also tryed it and got the same result also some of the fikles d/led as php files not lms

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sean i have also tryed it and got the same result also some of the fikles d/led as php files not lms

Mpurser; i logged on to your account and generated an lms file, it seems to load ok into m LOR.

Here is a copy of that file: http://meighan.net/n...1 MEGATEXT1.lms

Goofy; i created a 30x60 to try your effect on (4500 channels).I called that target TEST_HALF in your directory. Here is a copy of that output file:

http://meighan.net/n...ST_HALF BIG.lms

This is 45mbytes. It is at least half the size of your final tree.

Again, a butterfly effect will make the biggest file since every single pixel is a different color from its adjacent neighbors and no pixels are black.

For example, here is the spiral effect you have in your library.


Here is the lms file it makes on the same target tree as the butterfly above.

10 sec duration, 50ms frame timing.

This file is only 2.1mbyte.

http://meighan.net/n...ALF SPIRALS.lms

When i try your larger tree (60x100 or 18,000 channels), the web page times out creating it. I am going to look to see if i can increase some timeouts on the web page, otherwise these large of a tree will need to be created with a local copy of nutcracker using a WAMP server. Do you really have a 60x100 tree? I see you are going to have it be a half megatree so it assumes you have 30 strings of 100 pixels. Is this LOR hardware? I didnt think the CCR's could be more than 50 pixels? Other hardware certainly can have 100 pixels per string, in fact this is what i will proabbly build my tree with.

just curious

If you both are not getting these same file outputs maybe you need to do a shift-reload of the nutcracker home page. Maybe the php code has been cached or something.


Edited by smeighan
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I dont have that large of a tree, but I plan to have almost that many pixels and run the effect on the whole house. No its not LOR hardware or pixels but still the count could get there if the paychecks keep coming in.

Also I still want to know how to make the tree on the login page!

Thank you Sean, Ill mess with it tonight when I get home. Still at work and its a cool 95 here in Tampa today.

Edited by GoofyGuy
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ok somebody that knows please tell me how to load a text lms file?????

Right click the lms file from the web page and save it into your light-o-rama/sequences directory.

Now you should just be able to open a sequence, you will see whatever u saved show up in the list.

BTW, if u create a lcb file then you store that file in the the light-o-rama/clipboards

Now when u click "Load Clipboards" on the left side of the sequence editor, it will show all lcb files that are in the clipboard directory.


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sean i have cleared the cache tryed right clicking still getting the php file ext.i know what your seening on the server ive see it too im not trying to knock nutcarcker in public i realy need this program to work for me and others.i think its great im just not that savy with computers along with my impaired vision i have downloaded some simple spirals with no problim lor will open them right up tonite the server timed out while i was trying to try again thanks for all you do .

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sean i have cleared the cache tryed right clicking still getting the php file ext.i know what your seening on the server ive see it too im not trying to knock nutcarcker in public i realy need this program to work for me and others.i think its great im just not that savy with computers along with my impaired vision i have downloaded some simple spirals with no problim lor will open them right up tonite the server timed out while i was trying to try again thanks for all you do .

My philosphy about software. if it is confusing, if you press something different it is my programs fault. If somethign is not clear, if there is any opportunity to ge it wrong, i need to make it clearer.

I do not doubt that you are having a problem. Maybe we could schedule a BBB (thanks gigogig for the setup). Are u available at 8pm MST tonight? I can help setup a web conference where i can see what you are seeing. This will help me debug it. Others would be able to join the conference also. Gigogig set me up as a noderator, This means i can start web conferences on the Nutcracker channel called "cracker".


I am going to a rockies baseball game now with my 11yo twin boys. I expect to be home around 5-6pm. Ill check then.

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sean of course i will make my self avabile 8 pm mst tonite thanks so much i don t have a web cam i hope screen shots will do

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thanks for helping me last nite sean glad i was able to help in a small way.goofy after you get your effect the way you want it LEFT click the link to make the lms file wait for the server to make the file then right click to down load it save to the lor sequences file or the file of your choice HAPPY DECERATING never could spell could spell

Edited by t purser
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