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When Is The Big Sale And What To Buy?

Michael B

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Hi all!

I was wondering about the date of the LOR Sale? It was around early July, if I remember correctly.

Other question: I have LOR2 software and two controllers for 32 ch., one showtime, one PC. I'm going to add another 16 ch controller the PC version fully assembled. I need to up grade my software. I will have 48 ch. I should have enough Cat5 cable and I already have an adapter. What should I upgrade to and why. Do I need anything else?

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Dan has mentioned the sale will be in the July time frame this year. I don't think anything else has been released on that.

When it comes to upgrading software, what license level do you currently have? If you have the Advanced license, (or wish to keep the same licence level you already have) then the only thing you would need to do is renew your license.

If you have anything less than the Advanced license, and you want to upgrade to a higher version, then upgrade your license.

For anyone who doesn't know what their license level is currently at, (or want to know if you are eligable for a free upgrade) check your license here.

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