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Nutcracker: Presentations posted from the Academy


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I gave two talks at the Ultimate Academy in Conroe, Texas. June 16,2012.

Both talks are found here: http://meighan.net/nutcracker/
Note, they are right below the tutorials

Talk #1, Introduction to Nutcracker. Big Room, 50-60 people in attendance. Good questions, seemed to be well received.

Talk #2: Nutcracker, Advanced Programmming. Medium Room, capacity 40, in attendance 50.

I walked into this room and was like What? I am expecting maybe 5-10 programmer types. My presentation is how to write macros in php language and you can create your own effects. There were people there who have never sequenced anything, this is their first glimpse into our hobby.

The reason the first slide of advanced has the question "What is Advanced programming?", i had an idea some more people than I expected would show up.

Well, i probably took care of those people.

I went ahead and talked to the 6 programmers in the room . I tried to include the others by going through the nutcracker cycle(create target, apply effect cycle).

Maybe , some others might mention what they thought of the presentation. I really think I missed the mark,

After the intro class friday, i gave the intro class to the Australian Brisbane mini. Other than me forgetting time zones and missing the start by 30 minutes, the BBB (Big BlueButton) that gigogig has setup worked very well. The audio was excellent, the video quality not bad.

anyways, go look at the advanced pdf from the academy and imagine the WTF? looks I was getting


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