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Hi all, as you can see I am new to this forum. I came across Planet Christmas last year (2005) looking for more links to the Lindsay’s house.

This past season (2006) I started to read more about computerized lights and decided to try it myself for 2007.

Our theme is mostly solid colors. We plan to start with a LOR1602W then add 16 more channels in 2008 and from there who knows?

I have many questions but will only try to ask a few first.

1. I hope this is the right section to post in? if not move to the Newbie section.

I need to add a sub panel in my garage to run some tools, the LOR box/s will be mounted inside the garage.

2. If I understand correctly each LOR1602W box has 2 power cords that needs a 15 amp breaker per cord so 1 box, 2 15 amp breakers, 2 boxes 4 15 amp breakers and so on?

I want to be sure to get the right size sub panel to run 4 boxes up to 64 channels if need be. That’s the most I can see myself running in a few years.

Our design is very simple and small.

Icicle light on the gutters 4 colors 1 per channel (ch 1-4)

5 windows 4 colors 1 per channel (ch 5-8)

4 mini trees 4 colors 1 per channel (9-12)

2 red spiral trees, 4 candy canes (ch 13)

2 green spiral trees, 4 candy canes (ch 14)

Red rope light (ch 15) unknown length at this time

Green rope light (ch 16) unknown length at this time

I do plan on both animation and music sequences

After doing some reading and using the chart on http://www.planetchristmas.com/FigurePower.htm

3. I added up some numbers and I don’t think the 1st 4 channels are too good?

Gutter Specs

150 lights per string mini Icicles

450 3 sets Garage 28 feet

600 4 sets House 47 feet

1500= 4.95 amps red Channel 2

1500= 4.95 amps green Channel 4

1500= 4.95 amps gold Channel 1

4500 14.85 amps

560 = 0.448 amps blue led Channel 3

15.298 AMPS

If I can find the other 3 colors (gold, red, green) in LED icicles I know the amps should be fine.

4. If I can’t do I need to change the icicles to 100 count minis?

5. How does the rest of my plan look so far? Any more problems you see?

The data in yellow are lights I need to buy still.

Attached files 117582=6991-dataplans.JPG

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Just a first note...about your power configurations...

I suggest you put 4-20 amp breakers instead of 15 amp breakers. You should NEVER max out a circuit...it's best practice to only use 80% load...leaving you ~13amps~ on a 15 amp breaker and ~18amps~ on a 20 amp breaker.


I was just calculating the power....you are going to cut it close...just from what you have there...it's just over 27 amps...27.518 amps to be exact...plus ropelight...you have 2.482 amps to spare......2.482 amps = 54ft. of ropelight.

So, If you can, I'd highly suggest you get LED icicles...or some kind of LEDs to replace something else OR you can upgrade the power in the LOR controller yourself...

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I didn't look in detail at your post, but it looks like you are taking the nessesary steps to plan a display.

I'll echo what lkcubsrule said. 20amp over 15amp, and watch the load on your controllers.

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Use 20 amp breakers for sure.

I didn't check your numbers in detail either, but I do have a suggestion: If the LED icicle lights don't work out get energy saver lights. They pull .2 amps instead of .33 amps. Target had them and there are other brands too.

I leave the tags on my lights so I know roughly how many amps I am using.

I appreciate all the reading and hard work you did before before hand.

Have fun!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for the post sorry I took so long to reply

Ok 20 amp breakers 2 per box it is.

I checked out my old Icicle lights amp ratings

My old faded blue sets draw 1.02 amps per 300 and the dark new ones draw .6 amps per 300 (see Picture <-- ).

The new ones are from target (up to 40% energy savings)

Thanks Michael B never thought of checking the tags, I was just using the chart.

Now I plan on using more LEDs.

I redid the numbers, am I getting it closer to where I need to be?

Attached files 121203=7237-Plans 2.JPG

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What do you have for a main panel - 100a or 200a?

You need to consider your overall power requirements for your house
Many people use so much power for their Christmas displays they need to be careful what they use in the house
My light setup for 2007 will be around 140a (Peak) & I have a 200a panel
I am going to animation to decrease my power load
I am also upgrading to LED lights

If you are going to use (4) 20a breakers, make sure the sub-panel you buy has some spare spots for growth

If you have a 200a service I would run a 100a sub-panel & wire
You can power it with a 60a breaker if you wish
This will leave you plenty of room & power to upgrade

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I have a 200amp main and plan on adding a 100 amp sub panel

I was looking at a 125 amp max Square D 8 space 16 circuit panel

I need to run 1 one inch 30 amp breaker for a dryer and 1 one inch 30 amp breaker for an air compressor, both are 220 volt.

That should leave me room to run up to 12 ½ inch 20 amp breakers if I am understanding this all right.

My cousin is an electrician and will do the install for me once I have my plan complete.

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