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I am selling my display
1- ctb16d in enclosure
10- mini tree wire frames
Wire frame nativity scene
A big wire frame star
Merry Christmas sign with lights
Assorted drop cords
Assorted spt wire
60-70k in lights
There is a lot more stuff
Garner, nc.
Would like to sell all together.
Thanks Dave

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best of luck to you Dave I wish you all the best, please PM me if you decide that you can ship some stuff. I cannot afford everything but if you decide to put stuff up, I like to know everything you have

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In have decided to sell what ever I can.
Lights are $1.00 per strand. I have no LEDs.
Ctb16d controller $200.00
Merry Christmas sign made from coro with clear lights $50.00
Nativity scene and star $50.00
Garner, nc. 9197637184
Lights are used,

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I'm down to about 10k of clear lights
1500 green
1000 red
300 gold
1000 blue
Still have have everything else
Plus drop cords, spt wire misc drop cords, and misc lights
Florest easle mini trees 10 of those 6 of these have 300 clear and 300 blue

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I'd like all the red and green. How much shipped to Bristol, ct 06010? Please email me because I can't check on here often. Thanks Rob rmosenkowski@snet.net

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