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I have a 16 bundle mega tree with with 7 different colors so in reality it's a 84 channel mega tree. The bundles are standard edge to center going 360 degrees around. On the visulizer I try to overlap 7 different trees, 1 of each color, but it just becomes to cluttered. Is there a better way to represent a mega tree of this magnatude in the Visulizer? Thank you.

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DevMike wrote:

Why not create a single 16 segment mega tree, then assign 7 channels to each segment (fixture)?

Here's a quick picture of how to do that. After creating a single tree with 16 segments, choose "fixtures" at the top right, and double click the tree strand you want to assign channels to.

Double click the box under "assigned channels - name" to assign color, name, and channel information to the string. when you fill up more than one box, the tree will show multiple colors without having to create a new tree.

Hope that helps!
Brandon H.

Attached files 319729=17435-multiple color tree.png
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