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My first sequence to share


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I think this song makes a great choice for a fun sequence..

Burning Down The House..very appropriate :D !!!

This is my first sequence, and I thought I'd share it for your use/feedback, and if someone wanted to clean it up or improve on it and send it back, hey, even better...Its a 16 channel mostly, but with 3 RGB Floods,so say 25 channels...

This is to the LIVE version by Talking Heads...From the album "Stop Making Sense"


Attached files Burning_Down_The _House.lms

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I saw your post and down loaded your sequence - good job. I thought about your sequence while I was mowing the yard. The song kept running through my head, so I took your sequense and modified it for my display. I'm am up loading a video of the modified sequence. I will include the modified sequence with a link to the video when complete. - Thanks again and great work.

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