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where to find LOR enclosures

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Electrical supply houses will have project boxes. I would recommend that you use a NEMA 3 or 4 rated enclosure. A NEMA rated 3 or 4 is built such that it will keep water out of the box.

That being said, once you drill into the box for the installation of cords and such, it will reduce the NEMA rating.

Some people will use sprinkler control boxes from places like Home Depot, but I use the project boxes that I get from a local supply house. You can find a project box for under $20.00 that will last you for as long as you enjoy the hobby. I'll admit that I do not know what the sprinkler control boxes cost, but I will not use plastic for my LOR's because I prefer the peace of mind knowing that they are in a secure box.

Good Luck.

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FBinthesouth wrote:

That's a good looking box. I might do that too. Where did you get the cords?

The cords are from the LOR web store.

From: Eric R
I think you want the Wiegmann RSC101004 from the link above. I just picked up 5 of these at my electrical supplier for $22 ea.

That is exactly the box pictured and used with my controller.
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That's the same Enclosure I used also. The holes in the heatsink line up
with the holes in the enclosure on the top. You will need to drill 2 holes
in the enclosure at the bottom of the heatsink (use the heatsink for a template).

four pieces of thin aluminum can be used for the tabs to mount the box. they will
bolt to the existing holes in the enclosure. the fittings in the bottom are 1 1/4 inch
for the big ones and I use a 3/4 inch fitting with a rubber insert for the ethernet
cable(s). The Female cables are the ones from LOR and the ground lug can go
to one of the lower mounting screws. This setup really works well and
survived very heavy rain without a problem.
$22 is a great price for that enclosure, I paid $27


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Here's some pictures. I Didn't use tabs for mounting the box. The only mod
to the box is drilling 3 holes. I also bent 2 fins on the heatsink to allow a
mounting screw in the top center. The power cords are 10 Gauge...
Hey I got them for Free ! This is one of my high power controllers. 40 Amps.

Attached files 117700=7003-DSC00099.JPG

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