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8th Grade Celebration Light Show


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I've been working for several months on a light show to have at an 8th grade celebration event (pre-graduation dance/party at the school). I pulled together some classic movie music, added 62 LOR channels and 18 RGB channels (with rainbow floods), used much of my after-christmas-sale lights and this is the result. This is about a 15 minute video clip, but it includes music from 7 movies + 1 at the end that I threw in in about a day and a half that is not movie related. This is the first real sequencing from scratch that I have done and thought it turned out fairly well. I did get a good start from a Mario Cascio sequence of Eye of the Tiger and a Darlene Pino sequence of He's a Pirate (I'm pretty sure that's where I got that one). Thanks to both of them. If it helps you decide whether you want to watch this, here is a list of the music (not necessarily in this order):

Twentieth Century Fox Intro
Eye of the Tiger
Raiders Theme
Phantom of the Opera
Star Wars (from A New Hope)
Hedwig's Theme (Harry Potter)
He's a Pirate
You've got a Friend in Me
Set Fire to the Rain (Adele - non movie related)

If there is interest, I'll prepare a "how-to" in terms of how I put together the props, etc.




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I liked it. Might have been cool to put the center lights on the roof and floor then sequence in the video's onto a screen in the display. I've never seen this type of display before at a school so it makes me think of possibilities. I use to do a presentation for schools having to do with Space and if I was still doing them, I would certainly consider incorporating the LOR lights. Anyway, great idea there for you and as I said, I liked it.

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