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Greentree38 wrote:


I was wondering if anybody here has found a good, fast version of carol of the bells that sounds half decent.....

My personal favorite is the version by David Foster:

Also a good one is by Manneheim Steamroller:

And Christmas Eve in Sarajevo by TSO is partially Carol of the Bells:

And depending on your definition of 'upbeat', Monique Daniels might fit the bill:

Good Luck!
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I like the "Carol of the bartenders"!! The fastest one i've heard yet is the X Christmas version..... might need to hook some strobe light up!

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Steven wrote:

I've never heard a version of Carol of the Bells that wasn't fast.

If you want something different, try Carol of the Bartenders by Bob Rivers. (But you will get complaints!)

I could only listen to that for a very short time, it was just far too repetive for my liking. And definitely NOT for prime time displays. LOL
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