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Nutcracker: bug fixes, gif window


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Thanks to the testing Henedce did on the nutcracker, i have found an omission and a bug.
omission: for the gif effect, it was not prompting for the window degrees. All my effects should have this prompt. Fixed.
bug: My 180 degree window was taking strand 1 +/- 90 degrees. I wanted the half tree to go from strand 1 to 1/2 of maxStrands. It is now fixed.

You may be interested in how Henedce (down Australia way), built his megatree. I have been thinking of how to get the rigid spacing that will make the Nutcracker effects most effective. Henedce used pvc pipe, a drill jig, a base construction method that sets exact spacing. He is using 12 strings of 84 pixels folded so he has 24 strands of 42 pixels. He has built a half megatree.

Here is a thread of how he built his tree

He has built his tree and has run through the library of effects of Nutcracker. He highlighted that text still doesn't work (i know, i know).

It is cool to see so many of the Nutcracker effects actually work as advertised. He posted the gif , the efect settings and the vimeo movie for each.


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