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I am trying to make a new track so that I can edit different things, typical method and such. After I create a new track, I no longer have everything available in the new one. I go back to "All" and there are all 130 of my channels. I go to the new track, I only get 112... Help!
Btw, I am "Duplicating Track", that is what's giving me the issue. It's like I am stuck with only 112 channels for some reason beyond Track 1...

I am noticing now, the "timing" grid part. What is the difference between switching between tracks and timings? If I switch to a new timing grid I still have all my channels. Last year I only used 112 channels and switched between tracks, and not timings. Could I just use the different timing grids this year instead? What would be negative consequence to that?

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I just tried "duplicating track" with 544 channels and they all showed up, so I can't help you on that one.

The way I use tracks and timings is; tracks are for separating elements or colors in the display, timings are for separating instruments and/or voices. The advantage to tracks (for me) is that I can work on an element and not have to see all the other channels. Some of my elements use parts of 2 or 3 controllers, so they aren't naturally grouped in the sequence editor.

For example; I have a track for my singing face (it uses channels from 3 different controllers). That way I only have to look at the channels that control it, all the channels are in one place in an order that makes sense to me, and I don't have to look at every channel in the display as I sequence it.

Sometimes I want to have the whole display one color. So I have a track called "colors" and groups within that track that are the channels of one color. So I can easily go to the group and turn it on if I want the display all red.

The timing grids might be beat, 4x beat, voices, drums. Then I use that grid in the element track that I want to move to that timing. Usually I use several time grids in each track.

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