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CCR comes with a little white tube. What to do with it?

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It is silicone. I used it on the ends of each of my ccr's. The flexible stip likes sliding inside the containing tube and pushing out the start or end caps when it is rolled up and unrolled. Check the end caps of the ccr to make sure that you have a good seal before you put your ccr outside for a month.

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Thanks. I didn't know if it was a sealant (consistency seemed a bit thin for that) or glue (wasn't sticky enough). I purchased 13 of these (12 "Superstar" plus a spare). I did check the end-caps after building the superstar setup and everything looks good, so I didn't know why I would need this. Is it a good idea to just seal the ends "Just in case" or should I be good without any extra?


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