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One Channel -- Won't turn off ...

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Depends on how handy you are with a soldering iron. It's most likely a bad triac. You'd have to desolder the old, purchase a new (Radio Shack sells them), and solder the new in, properly re-attaching it to the heat sink of applicable.

Was it always this way? If so, you might have a warranty issue. If not, you'll want to figure out why it went bad (overload? Short?)


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Tom B. wrote:

Hi all,

Suddenly noticed one of my new controllers has one channel stuck on. If there's power, it's on!

Any home-remedy that works to fix this?



As Tim said, most likely it is a triac. If the controller is less then 1 year old then it is covered by warranty. Contact orders@lightorama.com and they will step you through the repair/return process. If it is under warranty then repair is free.
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