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CC Pixels, Dual Normal Unit ID

Ron Boyd

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This one is for "LightORamaJohn" or anyone else who would like to clarify

LightORamaJohn, In this thread http://forums.lightorama.com/forum89/32791.html
You posted the following, (9th post)

"There is a "dual normal" unit ID mode in the CCB/CCP controller. This is the default Unit ID mode. What it does is take the configured Unit ID and the configured Unit ID + 1 and make the CCB/CCP look like two CCRs. You can add a Cosmic Color Device in the Sequence Editor for each of the Unit IDs. You can still address all the pixels on the first Unit ID when using dual normal Unit ID mode."

If I am using 3 CC Pixel strings (6 strings total) in the shape of Brian's Superstar Tree, I should use the Dual Normal Unit ID To sequence it like 2 CCRs side by side, instead of end to end.
Am I correct?

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