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Looking for Wireframe Dog

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Looking for the wireframe dog... Wife wants to do yellow snow next year... If anyone has link to a source, please post!

Just discovered LOR and animated displays on Christmas day.... My 2,500 C9's will have company next year....

Raided 4 walmarts on 12/26 and purchased 75,000 assorted mini's and ordered a LOR board to start playing with. (Also bought the D-Light Spectrum to play with)

Just about finished my first compilation of Wizards of Winter. Figured I'd start early.

Also designed a 45' Tree based on Jeff Trykoski's design with 20,000 mini's..(we're in the wireless Internet business and have quite a bit of experience with towers)

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Since it's unlikely that it'd snow here..... we are covering yard with clear and multi mini's... For snow "Yellow Snow" song, we will have yard lit with clear, and have the pile of amber mini's for the snow....

I know it's a copy of LOR contest winner, but nobody in my little town has any clue what's about to happen come November!!!


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The dog and the dog house are at holidayswithlights.com. The dog is $119.00 by himself and $209.00 with the house. Do you happen to know where he got the music for that display?



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